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Meet the Artist

Hiya. I'm Jessica Joy. Thank you for checking out my handbags.
I have been making handbags for 20 years. It's my passion & my lifeblood.
Enjoyment comes three fold: the process of creating, traveling to art shows & meeting YOU, my dear handbag lover!



After graduating from The Ohio State University, I had a dream one night that told me to make handbags. Right? Ha!

So I listened, taught myself how to sew, make my own patterns, & start every idea from the drawing board.
I choose to work with vegan friendly fibers that are durable & lightweight.
Fun Fact: I have made with my two hands over 12,000 handbags. What?!!
Goldyfish Handbags are swimming around the world making women happy! That makes me happy. 
Nestled in the country woods of Bellefontaine, OH, is my home & studio.
I can close off the studio doors to create a quiet, peaceful working environment when I'm not on the road traveling.  
Why Goldyfish? I'm obsessed with goldfish.
Goldfish are a symbol of good luck and good fortune. 
Every Goldyfish Handbag is adorned with its very own Goldyfish charm. Sending good luck & good fortune to YOU.



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